I have always wanted to find a way to learn something new everday quickly. I usually study every morning for a couple of hours from Safari Books online, Pluralsight, or YouTube but during my work day, I only have a few minutes to lookup something new or find a new language reference for web development (JS, CSS, HTML, etc). In this cases, I rely on the Mozilla Developer Network for quick learning items. 

This is my workflow, hopefully it helps you also:

  1. I find that I have 5 minutes in my day to learn something new.
  2. go to Mozilla Developer Network
  3. Login or create a new account
  4. go to the language or topic of your choice, let's say I want to learn more about JavaScript Prototype Inheritance, so I search for that topic on Mozilla homepage.

    Mozilla search.png
  5. Search for the term JavaScript Prototypes
  6. Go to search results and read for 5 min https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Inheritance_and_the_prototype_chain
  7. Then you are done... you learned something new!



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